Bespoke Handmade Wooden Furniture.

Project Overview 

Our client approached us with a request for a bespoke handmade wooden display bookcase with lights. The project brief required that it would integrate with the chimney breast, accommodate specific items and feature a wallpaper backing.

Design and Planning

As a time served leading cabinet maker near you, we took on the challenge with excitement and was looking forward to what we could create. The initial phase involved providing several design layouts, ensuring that each section of the display cabinet was functional and aesthetically pleasing for the client’s cherished items.

Key considerations included

Lighting: We strategically planned the lighting to highlight specific sections of the bookcase. Taking into consideration that not every section had lights.
we found a discreet location for the small light switch, ensuring easy access without compromising the design.
Power Source: The existing double socket on the wall provided the power source for the lights, which required precise fitting to incorporate easily into the design.
Wallpaper Backing: The client chose a cloth material for the wallpaper backing. Adhering this material to the backboard presented an interesting challenge, but our team were able to source the correct type of adhesive.
Custom Paint: The paint was mixed specifically to match the client’s choice of colour. We use environmentally friendly, water-based paints, applying a base coat of primer followed by a satin topcoat, ensuring a high-quality durable finish.


Throughout the project, our focus was on skilled craftmanship and attention to detail. Each component was crafted with care to meet the bespoke requirements, reflecting our commitment as a bespoke cabinet maker.

The bespoke display cabinet was constructed to fit over the existing double socket, ensuring that the power source for the lights was integrated flawlessly. The wallpaper hung, and the custom-mixed paint provided the perfect finish.


The completed display cabinet exceeded the client’s expectations. It beautifully showcased their ornaments as specified in the project brief. The combination of bespoke design, lighting, and custom finishes resulted in a stunning piece of contemporary handmade wooden furniture.


To ensure the longevity of the display cabinet, we advised the client on simple maintenance: a wipe with a damp cloth followed by a dry cloth to keep it in pristine condition. This easy-care routine will ensure many years of visual pleasure.


This project highlights our expertise in creating bespoke handmade wooden furniture. Whether you’re looking for a cabinet maker near you or need a bespoke cabinet maker for a unique project, we deliver exceptional quality and personalized service. Our attention to detail and commitment to using environmentally friendly materials ensure that every piece we create is both beautiful and sustainable.


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