Two days after we finished fitting some open painted bookcases in Bewdley Worcestershire, we received a phone message.  The first thing was an apology for not calling the day before but they were too busy.  The rest of the message went something like this,” I and my husband are absolutely thrilled to bits with the bookcase, it’s absolutely stunning, we just want to sit and admire it, we look so grand, feel free to pop round and take some photographs any time. It’s just magnificent, we had a visitor who was awe-struck and thought it was beautiful.”

Well how happy are they!  And how good does that make us feel.

The order was to fill a wall in their lounge with made to measure bookcases to store books, CDs, LPs and ornaments. One of the considerations was would the bookcase dominate the room and be to overpowering. We had a sofa along this wall so the bookcases were built to incorporate a space for the sofa. The fitted bookcase was also to be painted a cream colour thus blending into the walls and if anything opening up the room.

The open bookcases comprised  from left to right; two bookcases 700mm W X 2200mm H X 300mm D for books and ornaments. Next to this is a bridging unit 2200mm W X 800mm H X 220mm D with four sections providing shelving for CDs. Then another tall bookcase 640mm W X 2200mm H X 350mm D for LPs. All bookcases had adjustable shelves for versatility of storage spaces. Bookcases are spray painted to customer’s choice of colour.

We fitted the bookcases together and secured them to the wall. A cornice was then fitted to the top, these details make all the difference, and they turn the bookcases into a piece of furniture.

Here at Peter Mertens Furniture Makers of Distinction we only do bespoke one off pieces, we try to treat our customers as individuals as all the work we enjoy doing is individually made to suit you the customer.