The client wanted to know how good the quality of our workmanship really was. The brief was to make a fully fitted bookcase wall to wall and floor to ceiling. They were very particular in their requirements. Is it bespoke, made to measure, what they want and how professional we are? We had to show work we were already producing in our workshop in Kidderminster. We also discussed all the finer detail, overall appearance, various options of mouldings, style doors, materials, finishes etc.

Once we had satisfied the customer with a few visits to their house in Worcester, several detailed drawings and we had crossed the “t” and dotted the “i”. The order was placed.

The fitted bookcase measure approx. four metres wide and consisted of five sections. Left to right they were.

  1. Open bookcase in top with oak sides and adjustable shelves. Base had two flat panel doors with finger grips in the top instead of knobs, and an adjustable shelf in the cupboard.
  2. Open glass shelves in top for display of ornaments and model trains. A light was fitted in the top of the cabinet which adds a lovely dimension to the furniture.  In the base were two drawers in oak on full extension soft close runners also with finger grip handles.
  3. This is a repeat of section 1
  4. This is a repeat of section 2
  5. This is a repeat of section 1


It was spray painted to the customers chosen colour except where there was oak which was stained and lacquered. The contrast of the light colour paint and the oak worked very well


The overall appearance was just how the customer visualised it from the drawings and were over the moon. They were more than pleased with the quality, skill and trouble we went to create an important part to their dining room. The important thing was as we filled one complete wall it was not encroaching on the room, not dominating or too big for comfort.